Arensky Music


Hi guys! This page will explain how you can freely use our music on YouTube in your videos. It will serve as written proof when you will upload videos containing some of our songs. So please read it carefully :)

First of all, this licence only includes all of our songs marked as [No Copyright] on our YouTube channel. Example with these tracks:
  • "Arensky - Sunrise [No Copyright]" is included in this licence
  • "Arensky feat. Max Landry - Change" is not included in this licence
For these [No Copyright] songs you are free to use them commercially on your YouTube/Twitch videos. You can monetize these videos (no risks with copyright infringement or content ID).

But you must give CREDITS to us (and the others artists involved) in your video description and only add OUR LINK for Download/Streaming purpose (you can always find it in our official YouTube video descriptions). See examples below for credits.

So we don't allow you to:
  • Use our music without giving proper credits to us in your videos description
  • Add a different link from ours to download/stream the song
  • Claim our music as your own or sell/distribute it (albums, compilations...)
  • Use our music anywhere outside YouTube/Twitch without our agreement
If you want to use our music outside YouTube/Twitch please contact us. Remember that without you we are nothing so the more you give us credits the better it is for our music. Thank you for understanding and your continuous support!


CREDITS EXAMPLE (You have to change the song's name, official link to download/stream, vocalist credits):

Music by Arensky. Free Download/Stream "Feel The Light" here:




Music by Arensky. Free Download/Stream here: